Heroes…upon the Threshold of Adventure!

This campaign will follow the exploits of a small band, as they rise from the stock of common folk to great heroes of the realm. From their inauspicious start as adventurers to rise as personalities of great reknown (or infamy), this will be the journal of that transformation.

Their journey begins in the village of Two Ford, situated at the intersection of the Selintan and Ery Rivers and a three day’s ride from the City of Greyhawk. Two Ford, a minor port town along the Selintan, offers a gateway to the great Gnarley Forest and all points west. Being situated halfway between the Nyr Dyv and Whooly Bay, Two Ford offers adventure in every direction.

Please feel free to visit your wiki for information on the peoples and places that your characters have knowledge of. Also, check out the other pages as well forum to keep up with current conversation). As the campaign progresses, these areas will expand greatly!

Upon the Threshold of Adventure

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